Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #46

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Show #46 in which Mark amazes everybody with the witt and wisdom of President Bush (The Younger) and Paul’s inventions are as bonkers as ever. Mark would like fans who pass Paul in the street to shout ‘Tell Mark we said thanks.’

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are Channel 4’s Genderquake and Xavier Legrand’s fantastically tense film Custody.

Thanks, as ever, to Hebden Radio – and you can contact us via twitter @PaulCoates_ & @MarkCharnock


Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #45

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More mayhem from the Left of Leftfield in which Mark’s inventions are Ludicrous Game Shows from foreign countries. Paul’s inventions are extreme endurance competitions. And Riddel Oh El tests their tiny brains and the audience’s patience.

Our Swell Oh Els this week is the brilliantly moving film Call Me By Your Name and the very funny TV series The Young Offenders.

Thanks, as ever, to our hosts Hebden Radio and you can contact us via twitter @PaulCoates_ and @MarkCharnock_

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #44

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Episode #44 in which Paul recounts his dad’s understanding of how banking works, Mark shares an awkward Maxine Peake anecdote. Paul has inventive excuses for speeding and Mark offers rubbish celebrity endorsements.

Our Swell Oh El this week is a joint one. The amazing film A Quiet Place Thanks as ever to Hebden Radio and you can contact us on twitter @PaulCoates_ and @MarkCharnock