Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #35

In which we bong the hell out of this crazy world. Mark has dietary inventions, and Paul’s are Ear, Nose & Throat related. A guest pops in to talk about Puddle Prevention and the music is downright kicking.

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are Robert Webb’s How Not To Be A Boy and the Mitchell & Webb series Back. Thanks, as ever to Hebden Radio. And you can get in touch through twitter @PaulCoates_ & @Mark Charnock

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #34

In which Paul teaches Mark how to take a moonshot and Mark keeps his riddling ire down to a bare minimum. Great tunes and laughs aplenty.

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurly and Playdead’s Inside

Thanks, as ever, Hebden Radio and you can follow us on Twitter @PaulCoates_ & @MarkCharnock