Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #25

In which we have an intellectual discussion of the song Cannonball by The Breeders versus Damien Rice. And we also welcome new listeners by demonstrating our lack of actual words.

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are The Trip To Spain and Fargo Season 3 – as ever thanks to Hebden Radio and you can contact us on twitter @PaulCoates_ and @MarkCharnock

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #24

“You don’t know. You weren’t there. You never went to, Nam!” Paul confesses to how this movie impression wasn’t always well received. Mark fails to keep his anger about Riddel Oh El in check, and we learn how many bands really got their names.

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are I am Not A Serial Killer and Don Winslow’s The Force. Thanks as ever to Hebden Radio. Follow us on Twitter @PaulCoates_ & @MarkCharnock_