Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #23

In which Mark wonders if serial killers can be considered celebrities, and would you invite them to open your supermarket? Paul goes back to the Darwin Awards for his inventions. And there’s a tiny on air spat about musical choices.

Our Swell Oh Els this week are Russel Brand’s XFM Podcast and Anziz Ansari’s wonderful tv series Master Of None. As ever a big thanks to Hebden Radio. Follow us @PaulCoates_ & @MarkCharnock_

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #22

In which Mark walks hand in hand with the Riddler, and he doesn’t complain once (in fact he complains many times.) Paul has some LOL accessory inventions to marvel at. And together they ponder life’s unanswered questions – like how could Fergal Sharky go from Teenage Kicks to A Good Heart…?

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are The Essex Serpant and Jawbone – As ever, thanks to Hebden Radio. You can follow us on twitter @MarkCharnock_ @Paulcoates_