Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #19

In which Paul went to London to visit the Queen, and Mark recalls the time that he and Her Maj watched a pub explode. Mark’s inventions see famous roles that were offered to other actors first. And Paul introduces us to game of the moment Zen-Volt.

Our Swell Oh Els this week are The Beatles and Patriot. You can get in touch via twitter @PaulCoates_ @MarkCharnock_ and @Hebden_ Radio

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #18

The day after Paul walked 100 miles, he is dopey beyond belief. And two days before the General Election Mark and Paul hope without much heart (if only they’d known what was about to happen). This podcast is strong and stable, and funny too.

Mark’s Swell Oh El this week is The Keepers. You can follow us on twitter @PaulCoates_ and @MarkCharnock_ as ever thanks to @Hebden_Radio