Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #10

In which we offer suggestions of who would play us in a film version of Left Of Leftfield – and who would direct. Mark uses outlandish insurance quotes as his invention round, and Paul stays in the familiar world of the weird. The music is bouncing and the headlines are bonging.

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are Hours written & directed by Eric Herisserer and HBO’s The Life and Times Of Tim. As ever thanks to Hebden Radio and you can contact us on @PaulCoates_  @MarkCharnock_ @Hebden_Radio

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #9

In which we tackle the problem of ever fading youth and offer suggestions that have more chance of working than many over the counter beauty products. Paul’s inventions are just plain silly, and Mark offers the opening lines of some very unusual (some might say not that good) books.

Our Swell Oh Els this week is the fabulous La La Land and the Denise Mina’s Paddy Meehan Series. Thanks to Hebden Radio – you can follow us all on @PaulCoates_ @MarkCharnock_ and @Hebden_Radio.