Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #8

In which we discover some new Laws in an LOL universe and Mark offers Pretentious Job Descriptions as his inventions round. Paul has foot related inventions, and it’s full of music that feet can’t help tapping along to.

Our Swell-Oh-Els this week are Alan Partridge: Nomad & Give Blood. You can contact us on twitter @PaulCoates_ @MarkCharnock_ & @Hebden_Radio

Left Of Leftfield Radio Show #7 (Podcast)

In which Andrew Lloyd Webber may or may not have asked for our advice, ¬†Mark does film title translations and Paul’s inventions are too silly to catch on – aren’t they?

Our Swell Oh El’s this week are Alice Isn’t Dead¬†& Martha Tilston – thanks to Hebden Radio for hosting us, and get in touch via @PaulCoates_ @MarkCharnock_ or @Hebden_Radio