Left Of Leftfield Update

In which we have some very exciting news. We’re moving the podcast to Hebden Radio. We will have the same features, but with added music. We’re very excited, and have been working on this happening for some time. The show will go out on Hebden Radio every other Wednesday at 8pm. Starting next week, Wed 12th October. You can listen to the whole show then, or at any point by going to their website and clicking the Left Of Leftfield picture.

We will also be releasing the show as a podcast without the music, which will come to you in its usual form. So doing nothing will mean you still get the podcast. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are.

Also, as if that wasn’t enough, you can now watch our short film In Sight – made on an iPad, over a single day, this short film is well worth watching with the sound turned up to enjoy Pete Duggal’s amazing soundtrack.

Keep listening, hope you like the new show, and get in touch with us at leftofleftfield@gmail.com or on twitter @paulcoates_ @markcharnock_

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