Left Of Leftfield #57

We’re back on form, with some more real LOL headlines that never fails to astound. Paul’s inventions lift the veil on sound effects in Sci Fi movies. Mark races through his 3 of 3 and we bring back our eternal crowd pleaser “What The LOL happened next?”

As ever you can contact us at leftofletfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @markcharnock_ & @paulcoates_

Left Of Leftfield #56

We’ll be honest, it’s hard to be funny after the devastation of the recent election. So we hope this episode brings you a few chuckles. If there’s ever a message behind this podcast it’s that when you find yourself in difficult situations finding the Left Of Leftfield way can sometimes be very effective. And if not effective, it might at least be fun.

As ever you can contact us at leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharnock_