Left Of Leftfield #48

The lost episode! Those eagle eyed listeners may have notice we went from 47 to 49 so we could have our Christmas Episode on time. Here then is a show that’s been sitting patiently waiting to drop. A show in which Paul makes the cleverest joke ever, followed by a painful silence and the realisation that he should never be clever ahead of funny. Mark brings back movie translations and the whole show is just a little bit surreal. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

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Left Of Leftfield #50

Don’t be thrifty, let’s get nifty it’s the big Ep 50! Happy New year, and there is love in the air this 2015. An entire episode of questions, inventions and Swell Oh Els dedicated to Lurve. With a few awkward moments along the way.

As ever you can contact us on Leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @Paulcoates_ & @MarkCharnock_