Left Of Leftfield #49 (Christmas 2014)

Ho Ho Ho! Our festive show in which we make Christmas a bit more LOL, we give advice on how to get off Santa’s Naughty List (at short notice). We swap presents both extravagant and bonkers, and we offer up some Christmas Swell -Oh Els. All with a side order of bah humbug.

Have a lovely Christmas and email is, if you wanna spread some festive cheer at leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @paulcoates_ and @Markcharnock_

Left Of Leftfield #47

In which Paul steals Mark’s headline, and Dentists get an LOL makeover. We bring back what the Hell Oh El happened next just because Paul liked the new link song so much. A wolf hound says hello to Mark in an unexpected way and Paul’s inventions are linked by a badly sung rendition of 9 to 5.

As ever you can contact us at Leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharnock_