Left Of Leftfield #46

Grab your crucifix, it’s episode 46 – In which we make reality TV more LOL and Mark brings his 4 Twig method to the art of communication. Paul’s inventions are more like Pillow Talk and Mark’s Swell Oh El is rooted in a lovely coincidence.

As ever you can contact us at LeftOfLeftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharock_

Left Of Leftfield #45

For one week only, we have the return of What The El Oh El Happened next. We hope you laugh as much as we did. For all of you wannabe murderers out there we concoct the perfect LOL crime. Mark has more foreign film translations and Paul bongs the hell out of the headlines.

As ever you can contact us on leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharnock_