Left Of Leftfield #40

Following a scary walk home in the dark hills, we find out just how drunk Paul & Mark are. Their social experiment has produced a slightly rambling show. They sort out bullying in the work place, Mark brings some beautifully bonkers inventions to the table and a listener is losing parcels – could it be his elderly neighbour or the postman that’s stealing them? We promise never to get this drunk before a podcast again. Honest.

As ever you can contact us at leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ and @markcharnock_

Left Of Leftfield #39

Episode #39 – brought to you by wine. The beginning of a social experiment that will complete with Episode #40 in two weeks time. We make Golf more LOL, and help Liz in Windsor with her dog recall. Paul’s inventions are Weird & Wonderful whereas Mark’s are naturally magnificent.

As ever you can email us Leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ and @markcharnock_