Left Of Leftfield #36

Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend? Do it the LOL way. Faked a tattoo, and want rid of it without your boyfriend realising you never had one? We have LOL solutions for you. That’s what we do. We help the public out of situations you’d rarely find yourself in, with solutions you could never attempt. So hop on board and listen to Mark & Paul blind you with leftfield magic.

As ever you can contact us at leftofleftfield@gmail.com 0r follow us on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharnock_

Left Of Leftfield #35

Paul shows that even the best inventors have their off days, and Mark has found some laws that go beyond left of leftfield. Together they help out a man who has to fake being in the SAS and offer advice to Phil Spector (the other one) on how to love a woman who sounds like Darth Vader.

As ever you can contact them at leftofleftfield@gmail.com and follow them on twitter @paulcoates_ & @markcharnock_