Left Of Leftfield #34

We’re now onto our second bottle of wine, and it’s all good and giggly. Questions from a neighbour in a bathroom faux pas, and Mark brings three toilet inventions that will amaze you. Our in between songs take a turn for the worse, and our Bonging news headlines involve Men!

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Left Of Leftfield #33

More bonging headlines top the show. We meet the world’s worst serial killer trying to escape on a milk float and Mark tries hard to link the segments without singing. Then the swell-oh-el gets all serious on your asses.

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Left Of Leftfield #32

We’ve gone old school; this show is brought to you by wine. With a new feature at the top of the show – Headlines from the real Left Of Leftfield world. We also come up with ways to get young people to vote, hint at our political leanings and film title translations are back with a bang.

As ever, you can contact us at Leftofleftfield@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @markcharnock_ & @paulcoates_