Left Of Leftfield #11

We are back, recently acquitted and hot on the funnies. We are rejuvenated, Terry has given us a new theme tune, all is harmonious in the Left Of Leftfield camp. Find out what to do when Moses Garden comes knocking, and how to avoid taking part in a Harlem Shake.

As ever, send questions, quandaries and kiss sealed love letters to leftofleftfield@gmail.com

Left Of Leftfield Episode 11

Left Of Leftfield On Trial

It was a harrowing day in court as Terry The Drummer sued Left Of Leftfield for unfair dismissal. The second season is in question. A not guilty will mean we have a second series, a guilty verdict will see us going to prison. Listen to exclusive clips from the court room. Cross your fingers and toes.

Left Of Leftfield On Trial

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