Left Of Leftfield #10 – Season One Finale

Oh no, it’s all gone to hell in a handcart. We’re being sued by our fictional drummer for unfair dismissal, and the second season is suddenly very much in doubt. As this could be our last episode ever, we’ve gone for a special edition in which we try to solve the major problems of Broken Britain. Find out what Paul intends doing with a giant bowl, and hear Mark’s left of leftfield solution to minimise criminal endeavours.

Paul will be live tweeting from the court room so follow him on @paulcoates_

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Left Of Leftfield (Season 1 Finale)

Left Of Leftfield #9

Here it is, our penultimate episode of season one. Live from the London Eye, we wonder whether the suits will give us a second season. Terry the drummer gets a fan letter, even though we sacked the idiot a couple of shows ago. There’s a misinformed ghost, mittens for kittens and Yoda asks a girl out on a date.

With all this to offer, surely a second season isn’t in doubt – or is it?

Left Of Leftfield (Episode 9)

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