We Need Your Help

We are recording two new episodes of Left Of Leftfield this week, and it would be brilliant if you could send in some dilemmas. If you’ve heard the first two shows you’ll have an idea of what we’re after. Strange situations that need a resolution, petty gripes that need settling, or problems that require the all intellectual might that Mark & I can muster.

Also, if you have a What The LOL happened next, then by all means send us one of those too. For those who haven’t listened this is an anecdote with an unusual and unexpected ending that one of has to guess.

And of course if you’ve heard of mad inventions, or have one that you’ve made up and would like to try and catch us out with, those are welcome too.

You can either post here on the blog, via twitter or Facebook – or email directly Leftofleftfield@gmail.com

We hope you’re enjoying the podcast, and look forward to you getting in touch. (By the way, tell us if you’d like or prefer not to have a namecheck).